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Plain Essentials

It’s back to basics. Rug Art elegant collection illustrates luxurious grounds of subtle lines or simple designs, inspired by the desert life and nature’s serene landscapes. The collection’s basic elegance creates pure organic beauties that enhance and finish up any space with timeless luxury.

Alto Honey
CONCRETE tobacco
luxurious hand made rugs.
Fantasia Blue
Fantasia Marsala
Fantasia Natural
handknotted wool pile and flatweave rug. rug art international
OMBRE charcoal
plain essentials rug undyed wool, rug art
Ribs, mix natural
Sahara Allo – Himalayan Nettle
rug art plain essentials collection, allo hand knotted rug
Sahara Allo, black
Sahara Bamboo
Sahara Bamboo Silk
hand made modern rugs and carpets. rug art
plain essentials rug natural grey yarn. rug art
Sahara dark
plain essential NZ wool rug, rug art
Sahara desert, beige
rug art sahara desert rug, plain essentials
Sahara desert, grey
plain essentials sahara desert rug, rug art
Sahara desert, mix
plain essentials rug, wool, hand knotted
Sahara light
hand made modern rugs and carpets. rug art
Sahara Linen Tie-Dye
hand made modern rugs and carpets. rug art
SAHARA purple
Sahara Raw
plain essentials natural undyed rug, rug art
Sahara sand
Sahara Sand – New Zealand Wool
Sahara Sea Silk
Sahara Slanted
Sahara Storm
Sahara Wind
Plain essentials hand knotted rug, rug art international
Sahara, Bamboo
Soumak Plain
Symfonia Chenille
Symfonia Irregular
Symfonia Random Multi
rug art zen from Plain Essentials collection in undyed natural yarns.
ZEN, undyed