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Size chart

Size and Oversize rugs

In today’s design world rules are made to be broken yet, here are a few guidelines to keep in mind when purchasing a rug for your project:

The size of an area rug can significantly alter the room’s overall effect. Choosing a rug in the correct size and shape is a priority when searching the right foundation for your space. Keeping rug size in mind prevents uncomfortable living spaces or unnecessary expense. Rug Art can help you choose or custom size the rugs to fit any of your project specification, from area rug to wall to wall carpets.

Few examples:

Depending on the furniture configuration in a living room go for the largest size you can afford. Interestingly, the bigger the rug the larger and more luxurious it makes a room appear, with respect to the exposed floor around the edges.


size chart rug art






In dining rooms it’s pretty much straight forward – even when pulled out for people to sit, the legs of the chairs should sit comfortably on the rug and in proportion to the table.

For bedrooms the best option would be placing a rug horizontally under the bed with a portion of the rug exposed on each side. Or if one chooses, placing two runners anchoring on each side of the bed.
Like living rooms, the larger the rug the larger the room appear.


Rug Art can create any size or shape based on your specification. Contact us for more information.

If your goal is to brake up a room into different unified areas, a number of smaller rugs can be just as effective.