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Rug Art International has its roots in the free spirit and excitement of its founders, Vidal Haim and Sigal Sasson, an adventurous married couple of accomplished Turkish born entrepreneur, and an artist wife who follow through on their own. Only one year after their wedding day the couple decided to leave everything loved and familiar and took a no-plan year long journey to the United States. Why not? Little did they know that this leap of faith would change their lives forever.

Fast forward, after years of running a retail/wholesale shop in West village in NYC, for antique Turkish carpets and hand-made products for the home, while developing a strong background in retail and wholesale operations, Vidal, with a deep understanding of the unique process of bespoke rugs together with Sigal, planned and started what became a leading and award-winning company of makers of fine custom rugs. Rug Art International was born.


Established in 2000 and with only six hand-made plain rug samples in their hands, Sigal took another leap of faith and convinced her husband/partner to trust her creative brilliance to help grow the company from a humble beginning to one of the most desirable rug collections in the industry. Self-taught and high disciplinarian artist/designer/home stylist, Sigal created her first two rug designs inspired by her pencil drawings debuted in 2002. The unique designs brought great reviews from the press along with inquiries from many prominent designers and architects. From then on CUSTOM rugs became the company’s DNA.

While presenting the company’s growing collection at local rug shows and traveling all over the country to entice potential clients, the day has finally arrived and the founders’ vision came to life: Rug Art International opened a showroom at the D&D in NYC after being on a waiting list for 10 long years!


The company’s founders never follow trends. Sigal, a design and travel addict, ended up developing her expertise of design and unique perspective and learned to utilize them. Her unique rug collections for the company, inspired by many of her travels and her drawings, are relying heavily on her ever growing instincts and passions.

Since their humble beginning the founders have grown the company into an acclaimed award winning luxury brand with showroom in NYC and showroom-representatives in Paris and around the country.

“The best thing about being an artist and doing things instinctively is the adventurous journey that allows me to see the world through my experimentation, risks and mistakes. It’s not always a walk in the park but if i have to do it all over again i wouldn’t change a thing.” Sigal Sasson.

Rug Art International is a proud supporter of GoodWeave, non-profit organisation dedicated to ensuring no child labor is used in any of its rug making.