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We pride ourselves on the art of design, creation and craftsmanship.
Always seeking inspiration whereas exploring new ideas in design, customization and production, expanding their rug collections and commissioned by some of the best designers and architects - Rug Art NYC became an American pioneer in innovative custom rugs and luxury brand destination.

Sigal Sasson, co-founder of Rug Art NYC, is a self-taught multi-faceted artist/designer and the artistic mastermind behind the company’s most sought after custom rugs. Pioneer in the rug design world, Sigal’s design language and vision are very much influenced by her childhood, travels and  deep Moroccan roots. “We need to passionately believe in the power of ideas and use them to change lives including our own”. Sigal Sasson

Vidal Sasson, co-founder of Rug Art NYC, possesses strong background in retail and wholesale operations. With deep understanding of the unique process of bespoke rugs, Vidal together with his wife/business partner Sigal, planned and started what became a leading and award-winning American luxury brand destination for custom rugs. 


The company has its roots in the free spirit and excitement of its founders – Vidal Haim and Sigal Sasson, an adventurous couple of accomplished Turkish and Israeli born entrepreneurs, who follow through on their own. Only one year after their wedding day the couple decided to leave everything loved and familiar and took a no-plan year-long journey to the United States. Little did they know that this leap of faith would change their lives forever. 
Long story short, their big break came in 2000 when the husband and wife team saw an opportunity to open their own rug showroom in the heart of NYC and with only few hand-made rugs and samples on display, the eager couple stayed true to their vision and values – that craftsmanship, quality and service cannot be compromised, and soon enough they begun designing and producing their own luxurious line of hand-made rugs.

With focus on design and  craftsmanship every rug tells a story from inspiration and drawings, turning original artwork into hand-knotted rugs,  to production and installation. Craftsmanship, refined texture and raw materials – each rug that comes to life is truly beautiful and original. A remarkable work of art that embodies design brilliance combined with over 900 years of ancient craft.

Our attention to detail ensures that every rug will always be crafted of the highest quality. This knowledge is infused in the heart of every step of the company’s creative process. We also know the importance of providing excellent service and our staff is well-versed in the rug world. They will go the extra mile to guide you through the customizing process from start to finish.

Since their humble beginning the founders have grown the company into an acclaimed award-winning luxury brand. “The best thing about being an artist and doing things instinctively is the adventurous journey that allows me to see the world through my experimentation, risks and mistakes.” Sigal Sasson, co-founder.

Rug Art NYC is globally  recognized as a leader in custom-made rugs and carpets for residential and commercial applications.

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