Care of your rug

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  • Act fast for best results. Professional cleaning is recommended. 
  • We highly recommend using padding under your rug. More details about padding – read below. **
  • Vacuum weekly to keep particles of sand and dust from settling into the pile, which can damage the fibers. Do not use power brushes. A clean vacuum always works better than dirty one.
  • Rotating the rug’s position every six months to a year, depending on traffic, is a good way to ensure the rug wears evenly.
  • Shedding is the natural most normal process of a new hand-made rug and will. subside over time and with frequent use like walking or vacuuming.
  • Blot spills with a dry soft cloth as soon as possible to prevent staining. Only if necessary use warm water or club soda and a clean white towel for blotting, but generally do everything possible to keep your rug dry.
  • We recommend professional deep cleaning every 2-3 years to refresh and make the hand-knotted rug look like new.
  • For tough spills or stains and for general maintenance – CALL THE PROFESSIONALS.

All rugs and carpets eventually fade in strong sun light regardless of the dyes or dyeing process used. Keep rugs and carpets protected from a direct daily sun light by keeping curtains closed, or by rotating the rug from time to time so if it does fade, the fade is even.

Regular maintenance of your hand-knotted rug such as vacuuming, rotating and periodic inspections for moths activity, will keep moths from settling in your fine rug.

Do not store unprotected rugs for a long period of time, as moths like to settle in dark quite areas, especially in the back of your fine rug.

Cases of Mildew happen when a rug is left wet for too long. The best way to eliminate and prevent mildew from spreading is to have your fine rug professionally washed, cleaned and thoroughly dry.

When in doubt call the Professionals.

Hand-knotted rugs recently removed from bag or packing materials may have a wool odor. This will subside in a week sometimes a little longer.

RUG ART offers Rug Saver Padding cut to size, as this acts as a cushion and prevents the rug from sliding, dirt penetration and from being rubbed against the surface it covers.


For difficult stains on wool or silk rugs, or when in doubt, consult a professional rug cleaner. Do not use dry cleaning methods on wool rugs and carpets.
The general care tips provided here are to be used only as a guide for your personal use and should not be relied upon as a substitute for the advice of a professional.
Rug Art International is not liable for damages from the use of these suggestions.