We combine ancient craftsmanship with new modern design. A visual treat.

The hand knotted process is a unique art form. There is no other meticulous and time consuming process as knotting a rug by hand. Centuries old craft handed down over generations, the artisans who weave them are highly skilled masters in every step of the rug’s execution process. And there are many steps involved.

Found in some of the most beautiful homes hand-knotted rugs are true masterpieces and for a very good reason. Aside from covering the floors in the most beautiful artistic fashion, some choose a particular RUG ART design to be hung on a wall. There are consumers who collect our hand knotted rugs due to a rare design, unique process technique or one with a great integrity. The choice is yours.


Up close and personal the artistry of a hand-knotted rug never cease to amaze us. Hand-crafted with great pride it can take months to complete – but a wait worth going for.

In the end, the master piece you just purchased can completely transform your space and be enjoyed for many years to come. Our rugs are made using Tibetan high altitude wool, one of the most beautiful and robust fibers in the world. The wool is durable, flame and dirt-resistant thanks to its exceptionally rich lanolin content. The wool’s long fibers provide an excellent foundation for a lush, beautiful and durable RUG ART rug.

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Carding and spinning

After the wool is carefully washed and dried the carding process begins. By separating the raw wool each fiber opens up and becomes straight. In addition, this long process cleans the yarn by removing any remaining dirt.

The carded wool or other fibers are then spun into yarn by twisting together short fibers into a continuous long strand. Hand spun wool offers elegant and organic appearance.

Wool dyeing

A unique and important process overseen by dye masters who possess extensive knowledge of mixing dyes and matching desired colors.

In our Nepal factory we use Swiss Metal Complex pigments imported from Switzerland. These are the most expensive dyes to use, are safe and colorfast.

The wool is then pot dyed and once dyeing is complete, the fiber is left to naturally dry in the sun. Once dried the wool is then collected and turned into balls of yarn ready for the weaving process.

handmade custom rugs by rug art nyc. the process of handknotted rugs


After the graph is prepared to scale and is marked with specific colors and position of every single knot, it is hung on the loom for the weavers to follow.

The weaving is an incredibly long and meticulous process that requires a tremendous amount of accuracy and patience. Majority of our rugs are made using a special Tibetan knot to create the pile.

The higher the knot count the finer the rug. At times it is performed by more than five weavers at a time, depending on the size of the rug.


From a raw material to a beautifully sculpted work of art, our hand knotted rugs go through a final preparation. The rugs are thoroughly washed on both sides by experienced laborers using pure water and eco-friendly tools and materials.
The rugs are then left out to dry in the sun. Once dried they are stretched to make the rug square and ensure good appearance. Once stretched and dried the rug is laid flat on the floor for its final special touch by hand – shearing and trimming for definition and clarity. When all steps are complete and a careful inspection took place, the beautiful hand-made rug is ready to be shipped to its new home.