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Sublime Art

“Never has the connection between carpet making and the visual arts been made clearer than in American brand RUG ART INTERNATIONAL”.

Our exquisite collections are of the finest. We are dedicated to the highest standards of craftsmanship, design and work ethics. We take pride in our commitment to maintaining these standards, ensuring our rugs are beautiful inside and out.


Artist’s Expressions – Limited Edition

It takes a single glance to appreciate such unique work of art. Our Limited Edition rugs are exclusive and originated by designer/artist Sigal Sasson, who wanted to create pieces that standout in a space, while offering a collectible aspect beyond her high standards.

Romantic, intriguing and breathtaking are what set the tone of these exquisite work of art. No two pieces are alike. Before production the original paintings were slightly manipulated using state of the art technology to beautifully capture the subject matter. Crafted by hand using age-old craftsmanship and a superb quality RUG ART rugs are so known for, these pieces transform your space into a dazzling retreat.

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