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custom made rugs. home decor. rug art nyc

We’re well into the first month of the new year 2024. What have you been dreaming about changing or improving? What are you gravitating towards in the coming months or years, for yourself?  for your home? for the world?

We all love good design – it can serve as a mirror to ourselves by reflecting our values, aspirations, and cultural identity. It has the power to shape our environments and influence our behavior, communicating who we are and what we stand for and this year, it’s louder than ever. In a very positive way that is. Hence, the spaces we live in are not only a reflection of our personal style but an extension of ourselves and our experiences, and as a collective, offering insight into our hopes, and aspirations.

This new year is seen as a chance for growth and ultimately live a more fulfilling life. To many it’s all about embracing more. More of your unique personality, your beautiful mess inside or out, showcasing you through the things you love to live with in your sacred space.  Many designers speak in powerful voices where personality and experiences are on the top of their list. Choosing to customize a rug for your spaces is not only about color and size choices anymore. It is about hues that bring us moments of joy, that soft wool between our toes that feels warm and real  or the touch of lustrous silk under-foot that feels sooo good it adds just a touch of mental sparkle.

That is why we are here, because we know.

contemporary abstract rug design in stunning a bedroom with amazing views.


Just like smoothness or crunchiness of chocolate can enhance its taste, the texture of a rug can greatly influence its visual and tactile feel in your sacred space. With its dimensional pile and smooth or fuzzy or matte fibers, textured rug provides a sensory element that can be enjoyable and engaging, making it interesting and satisfying experience.

“Texture is an entry for self-discovery”

                                             -Sigal Sasson


contemporary handmade floral design rug with high and low pile
high low abstract rug design inspired by rain drops


“Style-conscious but frugal 17th-century American housewives poured clean sand over a bare floor, and swirled the grains into patterns with a broom simply to add a design accent to their surroundings.” Source

contemporary custom made rugs. rug art interior design home decor
Symfonia vibe
custom rug fivespot in this beautiful high rise miami condo


Easy to love.

The shiny surface of a rug not only adds a sleek feel, but also reflect light in a way that draws our attention and creates an air of intrigue. It makes us curious to explore further, as the shine moves with the light it offers an almost mesmerizing effect that encourages us to interact with and admire the design.

rio rug
silk and wool cut pile rug in a shimmery abstract pattern. arte


geometric rug design for interiors and home styling. rugs by rug art nyc
Holly Blue
hand knotted wool and silk rug in cream and black at rug art nyc
contemporary hand knotted rug collections by rug art nyc
contemporary home decor. custom made contemporary rugs
hand knotted wool and silk rug in gray and black at rug art nyc
Eden Ombre
hand knotted wool and silk rug collections at rug art nyc. collaboration of rug collection cara woodhouse and rug art nyc
Double Crease
custom made contemporary rug. rug art


The fun part.

Color is not only reflective of one’s personality, but also encourages a sense of liberation and self-expression. The voice  of color that speak to each and one of us has never been louder, in a sense that color resonate with emotions and personality, making it a powerful tool for self-expression and our desire to take a risk and live the experience.

contemporary custom hand knotted rug design by rug art nyc
charlie is a modern geometric rug design in high and low cut pile for modern and contemporary interiors.


contemporary custom made rug collection
sugarcookie, a beautiful modern rug design in gradation of neutral colors.
contemporary custom hand knotted rug design by rug art nyc
contemporary abstract wool and silk rug in neutral colors and a touch of blue silk.
this is a contemporary geometric rug design called Grand in royal blue silk and wool
contemporary luxurious hand knotted rug in wool and silk by rug art nyc
modern hand made rug at rug art nyc
Charlie Blue
rug art abstract ombre rug in contemporary and modern interiors.
Eden Ombre
Inspired? give it a go. View our entire collections and choose your favorite rug. Or customize your own design. Experiment with colors, textures, shapes. Need help? work with our team experts. They will be happy to assist you and turn your vision into reality. 
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