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High style

contemporary custom made rugs. contemporary interior design

There are variety of ways to add high style to your space and nothing beats a hand-made rug constructed in a high quality craftsmanship and its power to transform a room. A rug acts like a heartbeat. It elevates everything around it and make a space sing. From home offices to bedrooms to living rooms even closets, our team experts can tailor any of our existing rug designs to your specific needs.

Get inspired and let your favorite rug design run the show:

contemporary custom made rugs. contemporary interior design
custom made rugs. rug art

Limited color palette, playful yet grown-up rug pattern in soft yarns are the key elements Amy Kalikow’s design used to create an inviting hotel-like atmosphere, as shown in this bright bedroom starring our custom Fivespot rug.


contemporary custom made rugs. interior design
contemporary custom made rugs. rug art nyc

In this bright and airy space our Kama rug in custom color showing-off its gentle curves in a striking way without feeling overpowering.  We love the pop of blue in the rug and how it acts as a welcome guest in this cozy monochromatic space by JLW Interiors.

custom contemporary handmade rugs. home decor

Feeling happy? loved? romantic maybe? Sometimes one bold pink color is all you need. Pink is tricky but when done right the results can be elegant and rich yet gender neutral. Co-founder/artist Sigal Sasson worked with a client to customize a rug for a small dressing room. With the right balance of the chosen shade surrounded by a group of neutral furnishings, the little space feels grounded and glamorous. Made of 100% Pashmina yarn combined with fine craftsmanship and timeless luxurious feel. 

Inspired? Why not give it a go? View our entire collections and choose your favorite. Or, customize your own rug for your own space. Experiment with different colors, textures and shape. Need help? work with our team expert who will be happy to assist and help you turn your vision into reality. 

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