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Winter in Lake Como

rug art nyc lake comi
this winter find inspiration in the quite moments

Paradise does not have to be tropical

For most of us the impulse to escape and travel around the world has never been more desirable. When we think travel we think summer, sunny days, beach. Now let’s think winter. Ahhh winter – the comforting warmth of a bonfire, soft throw blanket, cozy thick rug that covers cold floors, a hug, hot coco. Endless gratitude as life seem to move just a little bit slower. Magic. 

Whether you plan to travel this winter or stay at home, allow the cold weather to inspire you. It’s the perfect time to refocus, love and enjoy the simple things in life. 

RUG ART founders/husband & wife team and avid travelers, Vidal Haim and Sigal Sasson, have a beautiful long and romantic story with Italy, especially Lake Como located in Lombardy region in the North. They have been dreaming for years on spending winter in the most magical place in the world, in a little villa that sits right on the sun kissed lake. After months of planning, their vision has finally came to fruition.


custom made rugs. rug art nyc home decor
custom made rugs. rug art nyc home decor


“While on Lake Como I was constantly overwhelmed with wonder and gratitude to be able to see so much magic in one place.” As soon as the first sun rays hit its surface the lake becomes this giant sparkly shag and the colors change from blue to deep Emerald green. I have never seen anything that captures light and shadows so beautifully”.


Sigal Sasson

custom made rugs. rug art nyc home decor

Raw beauty, wildlife, ancient hiking roads, medieval castles, breathtaking lake views, the art of slow living.

Finding harmony and simplicity in nature feels like a warm hug.

rug art nyc lake como stories
custom made rugs. rug art nyc home decor
rug art nyc lake como stories
rug art nyc lake comi


Snow capped Alps, romance, small villages, ancient hiking roads, crotti (ancient buildings originally created to store wine and cheese), epic mountain views. The best red wine? oh yes!

Mesmerizing views on misty winter days. The use of natural color palette invites lounging and lingering

rug art lake como stories
custom made rugs. rug art nyc home decor
custom made rugs. rug art nyc home decor
rug art nyc in lake como

The Sasson’s views from the tiny villa during their winter stay in Lake Como.

Colors are constantly changing as the day progresses. Truly hypnotic place.

inspired by nature. rug art
custom made rugs. rug art nyc home decor
custom made rugs. rug art nyc home decor
rugs inspired by nature. ombre rugs. rug art nyc

Rugs which take their design inspiration from mother nature are the definition for subtle luxury

custom made rugs. rug art nyc home decor

Cold yet golden days in Turin Italy.

City of fun vibes and a lot to explore. The soft diffused sun rays make shadows longer, colors deeper and the lake shimmers with luxurious glow.

Following their amazing winter journey the Sasson’s perspective translates into rug collection that is easy to live with. Rugs that are elegant and rich yet spark creativity and desires. And as such, these rugs have the power to transform many different interiors.

Winter landscapes can be undeniably alluring

Create your own kind of shelter

Infuse it with texture, light, form

Allow yourself to see, breath, feel

Inject your space with quiet



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Photography: Sigal Sasson   Part one
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